Andrew Bartlett
Immigration Lawyer
San Rafael, Oakland and Palo Alto, CA
Licensed to Practice Law
in the State of California

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This is a community law office
with low fees

so everyone can afford good advice.
wherever you are.

Law and Software

i work the corners of these two fine professions.
i am an immigration lawyer.
i have a community law office in downtown San Rafael. in the San Francisco Bay Area.

i also work with prisoners. and i work with unix from C to javascript.
from Law to Software.

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maybe check out my blog. i write about flatlining data, encryption,
attorney-client privilege and my other projects

you may find my the Immigration and Nationality Act useful.

If you are looking for the Law and Software online HTML+hoverlinks version of the 2013 immigration reform bill you have come to the right place. Welcome.

This is a complete version of the text approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee, with amendments annotated in the text.